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08/06, Wednesday 12.00 sala Pola
09/06, Thursday 12.00 sala Pola


Małga Kubiak is probably the most recognizable Polish postporn artist. For years, she has been operating at the intersection of film, performance and music, winning hundreds of awards at festivals around the world. At the same time, she is also one of the greatest outsiders, and although she has plenty of faithful viewers here in Warsaw, she still seems to be rather underestimated. V’inci premiered at LGBT Film Festival Poland 2022, and we are pleased to be able to present it also to our PPFFW audience. It is worth exploring Małga’s cinematic poetry and immerse yourself in her paradoxical, queer world. As the director says:

“Since his birth as an illegitimate child, Da Vinci was somewhat an outcast. Centuries later, his homosexuality has been discussed. The film is a queer reconstruction of scenes from Leonardo’s life, and simultaneously a casting call for angels and gods for his colossal canvases and frescoes.”


Małga Kubiak
Sweden 2022, 114’

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