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Virtual Events

Sometimes allies appear unexpectedly. We are proud to present a selection prepared specifically for PPFFW by the students from the 3D and Virtual Events Studio of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The distinct, original works from this section – displayed both on the screen and presented in 3D technology – are the voice of the youngest generation of artists, expanding not only the subject of the festival, but also its formula and perception. We will discuss themes related to the body, gender, violence, empathy, and religious cultural codes. The studio is run by Jakub Wróblewski, Andrea Isakov, and Przemysław Danowski.
All descriptions of artworks come from their authors.


Natalia Truszczyńska, Julia Adamska
The project is based on intimate interviews with a group of people who have experienced physical or psychological violence at the hands of their loved ones. In order to ensure their full anonymity and comfort, the authors decided to use an experimental form of video recording with a Kinect camera, which turns visible silhouettes into clouds of points, anonymizing participants but, maintaining their gestures. The essence of the project is to convey the agency of the protagonists and to give closure to their stories with one-sentence manifestos. The group “Plakaciary against violence against women” is helping to put these statements on posters in public space.


Jakub Wróblewski, Przemysław Danowski, Andrei Isakov
VR experience, six degrees of freedom (6 DoF)
HMD, motion capture, audio system
choreography: Magdalena Przybysz

Lovestory is an interactive six degrees of freedom virtual reality experience. Its main idea is simulation, i.e., the mediation of the functions of the real body by a virtual body. Thus, the body (understood here as both the real body of the user and the virtual avatar-body) is the main subject, object, and carrier of experience. The main focus of the action is a movement performed by two performers (real people) and captured using motion capture technology.

The authors identify the idea of acquiring a body and taking over of another being with the concept of tulpa from Tibetan mysticism, sometimes used as a synonym for “ethereal objects” or “thought-form.” The experience’s scenario derives from an interest in early film adaptations of science-fiction cinema.

The project explores the idea of VR and the transhumanist idea of a sense of virtual connection between two people, bodily structure studies and the ability to express one’s motor skills through a specific aesthetic. The project is a response to the limitation of interpersonal contacts brought on by the pandemic (lockdowns, social distancing, limits on the availability of public spaces, difficulties in travelling, etc.) that resulted in forcing social contacts into the virtual space.


Matthew Cieplechowicz
Video 2022
Video devoted to Kamasutra techniques in relation to the understanding of sexuality in non-Western cultural systems. It conveys the arcane knowledge of the eastern thinkers related to working with sexual energy, body, and mind. A disenchantment of the primordial, bodily and sexual sphere, turns into a ritual of a male union. The video’s narrative encourages the viewer to imagine an individual experience of sexual fantasy. The title GAMEBOY refers to the playful nature of men’s intercourse that results in the deepest levels of ecstasy.


Xawery Deskur
Video 2021
“The lamella is something extra-flat, which moves like the amoeba. It is just a little more complicated. But it goes everywhere. And as it is something […] related to what the sexed being loses in sexuality, it is, like the amoeba in relation to sexed beings, immortal —because it survives any division, any scissiparous intervention. And it can run around. Well! This is not very reassuring.”  
Jacques Lacan


Konrad Banit
Video 2022
“Scream – making inarticulate sounds under the influence of emotions, stress, great effort. Loud, visceral sounds.” The work aims to show how ambiguous an audible voice recording can be in the context of a cinematic display.

Niesamowita lekkość wody

Adriana Kustra
Video 2022, 5″
The video reviews and compiles understandings and experiences related to water. It is a diary, a recording of flowing events, an attempt to present the phenomenon of fetishization of water as an indispensable fluid. What happens when it runs out?


Sonia Kaźmierczak
VR Experience, 2022
The experience resembles a ritual. A gesture transports us from a suspended and alienated space to the inside of an organic sphere, into the midst of bodily matter, where touch instinctively becomes the nearest sense. This begs the question of the possibility of feeling in a parallel reality. Despite the great role that touch plays in our animal and human lives, it is overlooked in visual and sound culture. Immersive experience leads to a balancing act. We find ourselves in a state of suspension between being outside ourselves and simultaneously inside foreign tissue, in a situation where the body has become a politically objectified item. I manifest a body that is its own being – a self-determining space of exploration and discovery.


Karo Zacharski
VR experience, 2022
The creatures present in the dark space are unpleasant only at first glance. With longer observation, they turn out to be affectionate beings, friendly to the recipient. They crave intimacy, and come into interaction after making eye contact.
The project aims to stimulate empathy in the recipients and make them reflect on our inner ferociousness.


Olaf Nowicki
Video, 2022
“Dual” is a video narrative about human sexuality, containing the need for intimacy and tenderness, and the animal-like sexual acts consisting of domination and violence.
It emphasizes human desires and fantasies, touching upon enslavement, pain, rape, but also the need for touch, longing for the body and support in partnership. It’s a reflection on what we really miss the most in sexual encounters – and what we are ashamed of, having two “separate façades” in the formula for love and sex.


Aneta Wieczorek
Video essay 2022
Visual tour of associations and experiments with corporeality and sexuality. Three different stories combine in an attempt to explore human corporeality. Exploring one’s own body, looking for diversity in the smallest details. Through touch and the typology of shots, we see man as a sculpture that consists of many elements, each of them unique, malleable, and irregular in its own way. Still life brings to mind sexuality and primal instincts, visual connotations of sex are likened to food. The video essay offers possible answers to what does it mean to be human and what the awareness on one’s body might be.

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