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100% Nature

Sex with nature, sex in nature – although the title of this section leads us towards ecosexuality, we decided to broaden this category and take a closer look not only at strictly ecosexual practices, but also those more loosely related to this subject. Since we all live in one great ecosystem, let’s try to make pleasure and enjoyment work both ways. The section includes exclusively vegan dishes: from the sensitive, somewhat mainstream Julia Patey (Elemental), through the experimental Chilean Fototropismo Positivo, to Fisherman (Nicky Miller) successfully deconstructing the myth of the mermaid and each deserves attention.

Lupine, my Lover

Rayh Castor & Jo Pollux
Germany 2018, 5’
An ecosexual romance between Lupine – a polymorphic plant, simultaneously phallic and vaginal – and its human lovers.

Perversion / Perwersja

Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2021, 11’
An experimental performance exploring the relationship between the experiences of sexual violence and the desire to expand one’s sex life.

Fototropismo Positivo

Joaquín Briceño
Chile 2021, 9’
Positive phototropism is a plants’ tendency to grow towards the light, but for the artist Joaquín Briceno it also means lust, anxiety, obsession, and a fear of darkness.


Julia Patey
Spain 2021, 11’
The elements as a catalyst for desire – a sensual production by Erika Lust.

Arid / Árida

Brazil 2019, 5’
Some desires can never be satisfied. An old-school, disturbing psychoanalytic manifesto about loneliness and sexuality.

Sea Breeze

Ben Berlin
Germany 2021, 8’
Sometimes even a simple visit to the beach can awaken our desires.

The Last Fuck

Pembe Peynir
Guadeloupe 2021, 1’
The final sexual encounter in the dying subtropical forest.

Better Than Clean

Tori Lisek
Germany 2020, 12’
When a date goes wrong, it’s time to dial the right number and make your dreams come true.

Organic Love

Poland 2021, 4’
Warsaw’s music scene and queer community celebrities star together in a joint, vege music video.


Hanna Schaich
Germany 2021, 13’
Embedded in nature, a touching manifesto of tolerance, freedom, and joy.

Eating in the Dark

Inari Sirola
United Kingdom 2021, 9’
The dream of buying a dildo as the first step to gaining sexual autonomy. In this oppressive depiction of inner fears, nature plays a soothing role and helps to overcome social trauma.


Nicky Miller
Germany 2021, 10’
A contemporary, subversive fairy tale about a fisherman and mermaids.

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