(short film program) 73’

Curator: Nicola Ríos

7/06 Friday | 21:00 1 KULTURA
8/06 Saturday | 23:00 sala 5 HISTORIA


There is an invisible line that connects Chile and Poland. A line that, even though invisible, we can feel. A line made of desires, fluids, and moans. Of vibrations and touch. A magnetic line that pushes creations traveling from one territory to another. Creations unbearable and inadmissible for the international mailing system. Creations contained in letters and packages moved by this line are so hot that no mail carrier can bear them.

What this line traffic is pornographic missives. Erotic letters that open a world of joy and insolence. Also packages with a suspicious wrapping, that travels from the computers to the screens of each end of the line. Gigabytes and megabytes of hot pixels and decibels. Manufactured by sex artisans who inhabit each territory.

Chile and Poland are linked by this line, at this time of year, once again. We open a portal to traffic perversions, through a ritual that has been repeated for almost three years before the summer solstice. The 12,978 km that separate the Chilean and Polish capitals shorten, and for a few days, we can look through a hole that opens and dilates until it becomes a large screen. A great transatlantic and transcontinental glory hole. Some say that religion is something common between both countries. Thanks to this invisible line, today we can also say that porn is.

Come, it will last only a few days. There’s no time to lose. The line is hot, its fibers relaxed, and the traffic moves through a smooth and lubricated channel. We’ll be able to see porn made in Chile, inaccessible by other means and at other times of the year for the Polish capital. There will be something for everyone: manifestos, animation, video art, performance, and music videos. A lot of music videos. Perhaps it’s time for porn to make us dance. Are you joining us?



Chile 2020, 4’



Diego Agurto

Chile 2020, 6’



Jazmín Ra (ella)

Chile 2023, 9’


Archivos de amor atemporales

Alejandro Altimiras

Chile 2023, 30’



Benjamín Ignacio Pérez Ojeda (el/ella) y Enzo Donatelly (el/ella)

Chile 2021, 12’


Barby es una Puta

Javiera Belem Valenzuela Castillo (ella)

Chile 2023, 4’



Nico Oyarce

Chile 2023, 7’

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