(short films program) 79’

06/06 Thursday | 17:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
08/06 Saturday | 19:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ
09/06 Sunday | 22:45 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ

Not all of them, of course – the number of kinks that can entice and turn us on is virtually infinite. Some of them are now domesticated and so firmly inscribed in pop-sex-culture that they constitute a part of its natural landscape, while others are languishing tucked away beyond its horizon. But even they can be explored in entirely unexpected (“Thanatos”) or surprisingly poetic ways (“Another Look”). Narratives and forms intersect with one another: from Jan Soldat’s acclaimed films, which tell the stories of their protagonists with cold, documentary sensitivity, to subversive mockumentaries (“Shoes Your Weapon”), and totally offbeat shorts (“Car Love”). Even if you don’t feel you’re a part of the fetish counterculture – watch out! After seeing these, it may turn out that you actually are – which we would love for you!

Das Medusahaupt

Lotte Latham

Greece 2023, 4’



Magdalena Mayr & Max Hase

Austria 2022, 9’


Construction Work

Jan Soldat

Austria 2024, 6’



Finn Darrell

USA, UK 2023, 5’


Shoes your weapon

Vivi Stone

Netherlands 2024, 9’


The Playroom

Jan Soldat

Austria 2024, 8’



Oscar Lopera

Venezuela 2019, 9’



Lee Campbell

UK 2023, 6’


Another Look

Carnal Productions

UK 2021, 18’


The Sumptuous Life of THE CRAZY CAT LADY and Her Salacious House Kittens

Charlie G Fennel

USA – Italy 2022, 5’

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