(short films program) 93’

Curator: JorgeTheObscene

7/06 Friday | 17:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ
8/06 Saturday | 23:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
9/06 Sunday | 16:00 sala 5 HISTORIA

When earlier this year Aga and Zwirek invited me to curate a Short Film Program at the PPAF in Warsaw, I was going through a dark moment. As they love to be different—and they certainly are—they wanted me as a “curator in focus”; presenting a selection or works that somehow marked me, inspired me, and got me into the pornographic world. Of course I excitedly accepted; once again, porn became a guiding light in the sky of my gloomiest nights.

And how could I not accept? Two of my biggest passions in life are MOVIES and SEX—when compulsively used for escaping reality, I call them addictions instead—so when I began experiencing good films about sexuality, everything started making sense. In this program, I present a composition of films which create a portrait of my genetic makeup as an artist.

It was in PIX (2014) by Antonio Da Silva, where I had a first glimpse of the artistic-creative potential pornography has. I immediately contacted him to offer my-hairy-self for any idea he had; that same year, in his fiIm “Solos”, I made my debut in porn. Da Silva´s documentary approach to his work makes captivating, whilst remaining always sexually explicit and super-fucking-hot. Also around that time, in a somewhat similar docupornographic line, another film which got forever stuck in my mind was PUTITO by Leo Mena and Alvaro Puentes; being myself a sex-worker and originally from Chile, I particularly identified with the perspective on prostitution shared by Josecarlo Heriquez aka el Putito Chileno (the Chilean Slut-Boy).

In 2015, my (also Chilean) friend and partner-in-crime MariaBasura invited me to perform at the PornFilmFestival Berlin. For the first time, I attended porn short-film screenings, this was truly the beginning of my journey. Zolushka by Wes Hurley was so wacky, funny and romantic, it instantly became one of my all time favorites. The following year our pornovandalic docuseries “Fuck the Fascism” by MariaBasura was premiered. She took me to the fun-porn category to watch Bang Van Band, a sassy and hilarious shortfilm by Minus is Valido—her porn collective with Theo Meow and Naya—with whom we would soon shoot “Piedad”, where I had my first leading role in a film. Those years were very influential for me; I met so many people and watched so much porn, that not only my vocation as a performer and pornographer suddenly became clear, but I also decided that as a filmmaker, humor would always play a fundamental part in my work.

Then the unexpected happened. At that point I was absolutely gay—which I most probably still am—however, a few films managed to break some of my mental structures and broaden my sexual life. I was seduced by the beauty of female body parts pressing against a glass in Crystal Clear by Max Disgrace; I felt represented by the intimate and sensual narration of Lina Bembe about sexual submission in Atrophy Portraits II by Four Chambers; and for the first time I got horny with bulky, trans and non-binary bodies and their kinky dynamics in FULL, by Aorta Films. 

The second protagonic role I played in a film was in Lemon Taste (2018), a cinematic gay-cruising erotic fantasy by Nicky Miller. That same year, another very different gay-cruising fantasy film was premiered: The Chemo Darkroom, a personal piece by Harvey Rabbit about recovering and re-discovering sexuality after going through cancer.

All these amazing films and talented filmmakers—plus more than a few others—were of great inspiration for making my directorial debut with “The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck”. Then COVID came and I got invited to curate my first short film program for a festival, which we called THIS IS (NOT) GAY PORN, at Excéntrico Fest, in Chile. In my search for latin-american works, CYPORK DRONE by the argentinians Diego Stickar and Julian Merlo stood out, enticing me to explore things I never before felt attracted to—some of which I soon after tried, and immensely enjoyed.

Finally, to close this film program I wanted to include something by Matt Lambert; since I was truly impressed by the cinematography and diversity in his work. His videoclip Moan Together was made in solidarity with sex workers in need of help during the pandemic, showing that porn can also be used as a tool for collaboration and support; because pornography is not inherently just something we jerk-off to—porn is, has been and should be so much (fucking) more.


Antonio Da Silva

Portugal 2014, 3’



Leo Mena + Alvaro Puentes

Chile 2014, 4’



Wes Hurley

USA 2014, 7’


Bang van Band

Minus is Valido

Germany 2016, 10’


Crystal Clear

Max Disgrace

UK 2017, 4’


Atrophy Portraits II

Four Chambers

UK 2018, 13’




USA 2018, 14’


Lemon taste

Nicky Miller

Germany 2018, 9’


The Chemo Darkroom

Harvey Rabbit

Germany 2018, 17’



Diego Stickar + Julian Merlo

Argentina 2020, 8’


Moan Together

Matt Lambert

USA 2020, 4’

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