(short films program) 68′

7/06 Friday | 17:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
9/06 Sunday | 14:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ

Sexuality is something of a cultural virus – it’s constantly mutating, changing, pushing boundaries, and defiantly bending the established norms. This is precisely its greatest potential – the capacity for constant change. In this section, we invite you on a voyage through an archipelago of the various fluctuations and cultural references of different sexes and genders. Nothing here is entirely straight-forward, but everything is genuine, sometimes even too much so – as in the extremely personal “Endless Pleasure” or the subversive “Gametes.” As you drift towards the collective practices of polyamorous allotment gardens (Daniela Weiss), you might smile at the deconstruction of a feminine icon (Werther Germondari), and finally drop the anchor in one of the temporary ports along the way. After all, this journey never really ends – beyond one archipelago, another one emerges.


Iztok Klančar & Belle Dommage

Netherlands 2021-2023, 04’


Polyamorous Allotment Gardens: Barcelona

Daniela Weiss

Poland 2023/2024, 15’



CLAP! Collectif

Belgium 2024, 16’


The Sixty Year Itch

Werther Germondari

Italy 2024, 2’



Hayes Hoey

USA 2022, 8’


Endless Pleasure

Marta Młot & Kasia Sałata

Poland, Germany 2024, 23’

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