(short films program) 74

7/06 Friday | 19:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ
8/06 Saturday | 13:00 sala 1 KULTURA
9/06 Sunday | 18:00 sala 5 HISTORIA

Female pleasure has long ceased to be considered taboo, although for a long time in a patriarchal system our right to experience it seemed debatable, and sometimes, unfortunately, it still is. Films in this section, however, focus on those forms of female pleasure that are still untamed – they haven’t yet found their way into the mainstream culture and resisted being pigeonholed into safe categories. Perhaps because of this, they have also not been appropriated by the male portion of society. Openly communicating one’s needs (“Love”), taking pride in what and who we are (“Anxiety”) and, finally, secret, communal practices (“Maman”, “Masturbation(s)”) are just some conspiratorial – and therefore still far beyond the margins of visibility – narratives. Importantly, this selection offers an intersection of narratives told from various, not only female, points of view. It seems to us that confining ourselves to outdated binary categories no longer contributes anything new to a discourse that should belong to all of us.


Natalia Sara Skorupa

Poland 2024, 3’



Yana Katliarova

Poland /  Belarus 2024, 2’



Oscar Lopera

Venezuela 2022, 14’


Friendly reminder

Luna Timnis

Austria 2023, 1’



Pau Devolar

Spain 2023, 2’



Le PornProcess 3

Belgium 2023, 16’



Lola Pistola

Spain 2023, 5’


I’m not mothering sick motherfuckers

Pussy Willow

Poland 2024, 1’



KAy Garnellen

Germany / France 2017, 4’


First person plural

Marc Blackie

UK 2013, 6’



Four Chambers

UK 2023, 20’

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