(short films program) 80′

05/06 Wednesday | 20:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ


On the first day of the festival (and on this day only), we invite all viewers to a screening of a selection of short films that will later be presented in different sections of the festival programme. Our aim here is to give the audience a taste of the scope and diversity of our programme. We hope that this selection will encourage viewers to further explore other, thematically structured sections of the festival. They are all not only interesting, but also convey the complex visual phenomenon that is contemporary postporn. 


The lesbian alien darkroom fisting operetta on

Lasse Långström

Germany / Sweden 2024, 14’



Marta Młot

Poland 2024, 5’


It’s never one-sided

Kiki Kazimi

Netherlands 2023, 5’



Thaís de Almeida Prado

Brazil 2023, 4’



Hayes Hoey

USA 2022, 8’


The Sumptuous Life of THE CRAZY CAT LADY and Her Salacious House Kittens

Charlie G Fennel

USA / Italy 2022, 5’


Dale Cooper

Manuel Marmier

France 2023, 4’


Good boy


Chile 2023, 9’


Silent film

Kuba Tschierse

Poland 2024, 1’


First person plural

Marc Blackie

UK 2013, 6’


Interior Geometries

Four Chambers

UK 2024,15’


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