(short films program) 99’

08/06 Saturday | 19:00 sala 1 KULTURA
09/06 Sunday | 20:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ

Examining the diversity and breadth of our corporeality, the ways in which we can interpret it or extricate ourselves from oppressive systems, as well as the cultural phenomena that determine our physicality, are among the infinite sources of postporn inspirations. The greatest potential of this selection is the fact that it shows we are all unique. Each of us weaves our own tale of desire, lust, pleasure, our very own bodies and struggles. As is usually the case with portraits, while these her/his/their/stories can be expressive, funny, sad, or nostalgic, they all have one thing in common – they are all born out of a genuine need and a desire to clearly communicate who we are. Films in this selection vary: from a walk down the memory lane on a gay beach (“Big Sur Gay Porn”), through an intimate and tender tale of a couple of performers who discover they true selves and examine their life choices (“Andy and Charlie”), to one of the festival’s most tender films, “A Body Like Mine” – a fairy tale/documentary theirstory about creating a world to reflect one’s own dreams that is then juxtaposed with the oppressive trappings of contemporary culture. This may not be easy, but the tenacity of the stories shown here makes it all a little friendlier, and much simpler.

Big Sur Gay Porn

Ryan A. White

USA 2023, 12’


Andy and Charlie

Livia Lattanzio

France 2022, 21’


The Pornograph

Lucho Romano

Germany 2023, 13’


Real Man

Rafael Rudolf

Brazil 2023, 18’


A Body Like Mine

Maja Classen & Puck

Germany 2024, 35’

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