Poland 2024, 63’

06/06 Thursday | 21:30 sala 5 HISTORIA
09/06 Sunday | 20:00 sala 5 HISTORIA

Betty Q is Poland’s most prominent burlesque performer. As we can rarely see her on the big screen, we are all the more excited to show “Moiry” in the cinema! This visually stunning recording of the protagonist’s performances talks about issues that are relevant, important, but are rarely associated with the world of burlesque. It’s a fascinating and captivating tale about identity, family, body, menstruation, nudity, old age, told by the director’s friends and herself. Whether you haven’t experienced the art of burlesque yet, or know it quite well, this is a festival must see. We guarantee a flood of emotion, laughter and, perhaps most importantly, affirmative reflection on who we are and how we try to find our place in today’s world

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