(short films program) 82’

06/06 Thursday | 21:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
08/06 Saturday | 15:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ

There are infinite ways of decoding affection and granting it a radical – that is, the most essential – degree of importance. We are constantly learning how to accomplish this task, striving to identify the appropriate words, narration, and proportions. From auto-affection (Brazilian “Self Reflections”), to affections we direct towards others (“It’s Never One Side”), we are always looking for appropriate ways to communicate: ways based on consent and clearly defined boundaries. Our affection manifests itself in our shared fantasies (“Bound by Size, United by Heart”), in how we tell others about them (“Touch Yourself”), and in what we don’t actually have to say out loud (“Intimacy”). Still, it is always radical, precisely because it is necessary. Films in this section allow us to have a look at affection from many, often radically different perspectives.


Matteo Giampetruzzi

Italy 2022-2023, 5’


it’s never one-sided

Kiki Kazimi

Netherlands 2023, 5’


Love Language

Bea Blue

Germany  2024, 7’




Italy 2023, 4’


Touch Yourself


USA 2021, 5’


June in Warsaw

Fucking Conflicts

Germany / Poland 2023, 14’



Guby Moon

Spain 2021, 6’


The party

Cedric / Ocular Spice

Germany 2023, 6’


Heavy Load

Juan Saez

Germany 2023, 10’


Self Reflections


Brazil 2024, 9’


Bound by Size, United by Heart

Sofie and Dune

Netherlands 2023, 5’



flor scharf

Finland 2023, 3’


The one who loves

Guby Moon

Spain 2022, 3’

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