(short films program) 91’

06/06 Thursday | 21:00 sala 1 KULTURA
08/06 Saturday | 19:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
09/06 Sunday | 18:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ

There is no emancipation without resistance, just as there is no resistance without radical visibility. In this section of the festival, we offer an overview of fundamental political strategies: from the poetic “Empire” deconstructing the myths of a now somewhat archaic masculinity, to the radical and uncompromising “Ode a la Alegria”. Sexual opposition to the dominant regimes of reality lies at the heart of postporn genre, which is, after all, nothing more than a strategy of resistance in itself. All the films presented in this section voice a common concern for our fundamental rights, even if they do so while employing entirely different languages. Thus, you will see both the documentation of street activism (“Guerrilla Marika”), a research project attempting to decolonize, among other things, the founding myths of medicine related to bodies regarded as feminine (“re(0)cunting”), as well as a subversive manifesto born of genuine anger and despair (“Demoneulogy”). We highly recommend watching films presented in this section. Honestly.

Plenum in Tuntenhaus

Lasse Långström

Germany, Sweden 2024, 13’



Geoffroy C. Dedenis

France 2024, 3’


Acts of the Sacred Heart

Kiki Kazimi

Netherlands 2024, 11’



Thaís de Almeida Prado

Brasil 2023, 4’


Guerrilla Marika y su Banda Exhuberante

Amadalia Liberté

Chile 2020, 15’



Lee Campbell

UK 2023, 2’


All Cats Are Beautiful

Carlos Raíz

Germany 2024, 14’


Survival of the Sickest

Geoffroy C. Dedenis

France 2019, 2’


re-c(O)unting: self-exploring bodies, stories, laboratories

ella hebendanz & pamela varela

Netherlands 2023, 25’


Can we talk about hair?

Kamila Flesińska

Poland 2024, 12’’


Oda a la alegria

Lola Pistola

Spain 2024, 3’

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