So Filthy and So Happy (Tan inmunda y tan feliz)

Wincy Oyarce
Chile 2022, 89’

05/06 Wednesday | 20:00 sala 1 KULTURA
08/06 Saturday | 23:00 sala 1 KULTURA

The body lies at the centre of political resistance, and political resistance lies, among other things, at the centre of the postporn sphere. “So Filthy and so Happy” is a prime example of poetic, but also socially engaged cinema. It is the story about one of the most colourful figures of the Chilean trans scene: artist Hija de Perra, who – following her death in 2014 – became an icon of resistance in the South American underground culture. The film has been assembled from archival and previously unreleased footage and shows who Hija really was and how the art she created reshaped the political landscape not only of Chile itself, but of South American culture more broadly. Hija de Perra – whose likenesses adorn the walls of Santiago and many other cities, who appears in various incarnations at political demonstrations, during street fights, and who has become part of Chile’s underground visual art tradition can – especially in Poland – inspire struggles to challenge the existing gender norms and identities.

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