(short films program) 76’

06/06 Wednesday | 17:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
08/06 Saturday | 13:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ

The dynamic, fluid present and its technological developments determine the character of films presented in this section. Cybersexuality has significantly expanded the boundaries of what is possible and what no longer belongs exclusively to the SF genre. Let’s see how these lines become increasingly blurred and how the boundaries separating the digital from the analogue become eroded (“4 Walls”), how the development of AI influences new definitions of what is “artificial” and “human” (“Musings of A Mechatronic Mistress”), and how non-normative sexual practices can be described in this context. Let’s smile – though we might laugh through tears – as we analyse the present-day possibilities of body modification techniques (“The Man Who Perceives All”) and let ourselves be swept away by the technocratic vision of sex created by the underground Brazilian label, EdiyPorn (“Technocrastic Cyborg”). Of course, we are facing increasingly more cybersexual challenges – but even this cursory vision of the posthuman environment we already live in can – and should – make us pause for thought.


Patricia Puentes, Bartłomiej Bywalec, Andrzej Frankowski 

Poland 2023 / 2024, 6’


The Man Who Perceives All

Emre Busse

Germany 2024, 9’


Digital Romance

Hidden Traveler

Poland 2024, 5’


Musings of A Mechatronic Mistress

Jasmin Hagendorfer

Austria 2023, 24’




Portugal 2024, 9’


Coring Out The Ring


USA 2024, 5’


Technocrastic Cyborg

Akira Nawa & Sladká M

Brasil 2024, 18’

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