(short films program) 86’

7/06 Friday | 19:00 sala 1 KULTURA
8/06 Saturday | 19:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
9/06 Sunday | 16:00 sala 1 KULTURA

When we encounter our own or others’ sexuality, we frequently find ourselves in situations that need to be tamed, disenchanted, or simply experienced in order to be able to fully accept and enjoy this sexuality. A reflective approach to one’s own/other’s body seems to have a profound therapeutic potential and a capacity for transformation. Sometimes we lack the language to clearly communicate our needs (“Silent film”). Other times, consciously defining what is private/public/shared (“We Bites Us”) can change our perception entirely. Films presented in this section can be difficult (“Scars”), touching (“Jackob and Jim”), and disturbing (“The Divine Right to Stagnation”), but let us watch them with empathy and compassion, without unnecessarily distancing ourselves from their subject. And if, after the screening, we look at ourselves/others in the same way, it means that what is uncomfortable doesn’t bother us so much at all. It’s worth finding out if whether that’s the case.


Bendix Mignon

Germany 2024, 5’


We Bites Us

Karolina Kucia

Finland 2023, 17’


Change Of Life

Monika Mamzeta

Poland 2023, 2’


I Really Want To Get Fucked

Robin Astera

Germany 2024, 6’


Jackob and Jim

Wolfgang Wisely

UK 2023, 2’



Lilian Liquid

Germany 2023, 7’


For AE with Love

maryann peony

Germany 2017, 6’


The Boys Who Sit Down to Pee

bonaventure tain

Malaysia 2023, 22’


Silent film

Kuba Tschierse

Poland 2024, 2’



Dawid Konopka

Poland 2023, 2’


The Divine Right of Stagnation

Marc Blackie

UK 2023, 15’

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