(short films program) 73’

7/06 Friday | 21:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
8/06 Saturday | 13:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
9/06 Sunday | 16:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ


The sheer multitude of characters populating the films presented in this section can make one rather dizzy. The visual strategies they employ, firmly revolving around different facets of queer culture, are woven from parables, legends, fairy tales and… computer games. Somewhat perversely, the films in this section talk about contemporary sexuality while relying mainly on archetypes from the past, alternative realities, and childhood memories. Each of the films presented in this section is special and unique in its own way. What they all have in common is that unique sort of fairytale-like quality that makes these stories stay with viewers for a long time. Whether it’s Lasse Langstrom’s space operetta or the personal theystory of noa margulis, their visual aspects engage us with the same magical power. This is an unmissable experience, a festival must see.

Funghi Boost

Bande James Bond

Belgium 2023, 13’


the lesbian alien darkroom fisting operetta on

Lasse Långström

Germany, Sweden, 2024, 14’


Under the Cherries

Frida Retz

Dennemark 2024, 16’


Pleasure Eels

noa margulis

Netherlands 2023, 30’

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