(short films program) 73’

06/06 Thursday | 17:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ
08/06 Saturday  | 13:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
09/06 Sunday | 14:00 sala 1 KULTURA

A great many postporn creators are former art school students who employ the tools and techniques attributed to artistic activity. In this section, we present films in which these artistic techniques play a significant role. After all, capturing images of the body in various contexts and seeking the right language to talk about it is an age-old human activity which forms the basis of the visual culture created by our species. Postporn can provide his/her/their/theory of civilization and the changes it has undergone over the years, be a source of playfulness (“On Photography”), but it can also tell a story about the colonizing role of art in social contexts (“Shoes Off”). It can provide a reference to familiar cultural tropes (“Eden III: Medusa”) or a satirical deconstruction and demystification of the language of contemporary art (“Sporrage”). It is worth having a look at these films – perhaps they will help us to better understand not only the often too hermetic “art” fields within our culture, but also to stop being afraid of them.

Carbon Copy XXX – Fetish Session (Switch)

Werther Germondari

Italy 2024, 8’


On Photography

Helena Falabino

Italy 2022, 6’



Ian Tevo

Peru 2022, 4’


good boy


Chile 2023, 9’


Shoes Off

Everton Melo

Brazil / USA 2023, 15’


Photo Session in Kassel”

Werther Germondari

Italy 2024, 5’


Active / Passive

Jana Górska

Poland 2024, 4’



Paweł Żukowski

Poland 2022, 13’



Guilty Of Romance Studio

Italy 2024, 9’

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