(short films program) 72’

7/06 Friday| 23:00 sala 5 HISTORIA
9/06 Sunday | 22:00 sala 1 KULTURA

The subaltern and the peripheral discourses are always incredibly insightful. There, in these apparent wastelands, new ideas are born, extraordinary narratives emerge, and a new language, not yet fully understood, is formed. This is where stories and images start to flow. For the attentive viewer, such an untamed landscape is a land brimming with meaning and new forms. Among them: a political, radical BDSM tale about women trafficking (“Ogled”), a subversive road film (“Grindhouse Pussycat”), a hysterically demonic depiction of American suburbia (“The Trance of Vanessa”), and above all, one of the festival’s most compelling offerings: the wild and feral “Instinct”, which speaks about us – who we are, and who we are becoming. Please note, we recommend this selection of films to experienced and aware viewers. Do not miss it!


Alexandre Medeiros

Brasil 2023, 13’



Cristina Dezi

Spain 2023, 5’


The Trance of Vanessa


USA 2024, 21’



Marina Ichim & Piotr Bockowski

UK 2024, 6’



Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Marit Ostberg, Ester Martin Bergsmark

Germany 2019, 27’

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