(short films program) 71

06/06 Thursday | 23:30 sala 2 ROZWÓJ
08/06 Saturday | 21:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
9/06 Sunday | 12:00 sala 1 KULTURA

Rituals make up an essential part of our lives – they instil it with a certain sense and purpose. They can be repetitive and deliberate. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, we perform them to say goodbye to a loved one (the beautiful “Baby Blue”), to cope with our own discomfort (“Anonymous Confession”), or to find – and eventually, lose – ourselves amid the wilderness of candles, tarot decks, and inscrutable spiritual practices (“The Shadows That Inhabit Me”). Rituals are defined by the logic of dreams, but they can also constitute a one-off, comforting performance that can help us understand our own sexuality. After all, sexuality itself – unbounded, free, and unbridled by mainstream culture – is the best and most meaningful kind of ritual.

A Nightmare Matryoshka

The Red Moon Baby

Greece 2024, 5’


Baby Blue

Finn Darrell

USA / UK 2023, 5’


Broken Hearted

Oran Julius / ColorBlock

USA 2022, 12’


Anonymous confession

Juli Puch

Argentina 2024, 7’


Cinema Fetish

Morgana Mayer

Italy 2023, 5’


The Tools of the Master

Ann Antidote

Germany 2024, 8’


New Moon

Jo Pollux & Sadie Lune

Germany 2019, 15’


The shadows that inhabit me

Alexandre Medeiros / Bia Roman

Brasil 2023, 14’

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