Teletravail du sexe

Carmina & Prune
France 2024, 73’

06/06 Thursday | 19:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
09/06 Sunday | 12:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ

Many people assume that sex work on platforms such as OnlyFans is easy and pleasant, but nothing could be further from the truth: in the post-capitalist reality, those who choose it neither have it easy nor can they do this “after hours” – it’s a job like any other. In this passionate documentary, we get to know those who do OnlyFans on a daily basis, follow their daily struggles, learn about the ins and outs of this kind of work and the dilemmas of those involved in it. “Teletravail du Sexe” is a film made with a great deal of empathy and attention, and although it talks about issues that are not entirely pleasant, it does so with the utmost respect and a healthy degree of distance. Because the film’s creators are sex workers themselves, they manage to maintain an insightful perspective. We recommend the film to anyone thinking about starting their own OF profile, and to anyone who simply wants to understand how today’s world works and how precarious working conditions affect our lives.

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