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Artistic Stimuli

Not all art is postpornography, but all postpornography is art. In this section, we present a set of films that are strongly, although in a very diverse way, related to artistic explorations of the subject of sexuality. We will explore strategies of examining abnormal bodies in the visual essay Mahx Capacity; see what the workshops filmed by Lari Jalbert (Post_Cunt) can tell us about sexuality and take an opportunity to see the new work by Monika Mamzeta, without whom it would be hard to even talk about Polish feminist art. Each of the films presented in this section seems unique and in a particular way expands the fields of artistic exploration, presenting new and interesting takes on the corporeality of the 21st century.

The OH Files

Mahx Capacity
USA 2016, 39
 Seemingly, the OH Files is a project that forever changed the New York postporn scene and inspired female artists around the world. It began as a series of individual films that eventually evolved into one coherent project. OH Files focuses on the visibility of non-normative corporeality and sexuality and depicts them in an unconventional way against the backdrop of solid, social reflection.


Lari Jalbert 
Cinema Politica
Canada 2018, 20’
Using traditional artistic tools (clay and performers), Lari Jalbert created a space for a cultural change in the discussion of intimacy and sexuality and the structure of the sculptural form. The project examines the dysmorphia and fluidity of shapes and objects, as well as strictly psychological conditions related to exploring sexuality of one’s own body and those of others.

Ob scena

Paloma Orlandini Castro
Argentina 2021, 18’
 An excellent example of progressive Latin American cinema, characterized by the delineation of new visual codes and the expansion of fields of interest in postpornographic art. In an interesting and innovative way, the film looks at the recent changes in medicine and psychiatry, redefining the concepts of norm and disease, unambiguously positioning science in the area of culture.

Extra Safe 2

Monika Mamzeta
Poland 2020, 4’
A conceptual work about corporeality and fluidity of gender told by Monika Mamzeta. A two in one deal: post-feminism and (a piece of) art.


Jaime Acker
USA 2019, 3’
Visual dialogue between a model and a photographer – playing with identities and examining the relationship between the subject and the object.

Understanding Patriarchy

Aga Szreder & Rafal Żwirek
Poland 2021, 17’
A performance that attempts to translate the academic language of a leading representative of inclusive feminism, bell hooks, into the visual language of postporn, while engaging with cultural social roles and patriarchy.

Sexinsitu up to date making off

Martyna Miller
Poland 2022, 10’
For the past six years, Martyna Miller has been examining the processes of repetition and memory of the sexual act, subjecting them to constant transformations, and reflects on intimate forms of resistance in the context of typical pornography. She created the film especially for the PPFFW.

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