Jezyki PL

09/06 thursday 17:30, sala Ingrid
12/06 sunday godz 17:00, sala Pola

Best of Vienna Porn Film Festival

Best of Porn Film Festival Vienna shorts selection will serve us a tasty, colourful and fabulous mixture of different sexualities, bodies, and fantasies guaranteed to energize even the most jaded of viewers. Are you ready to take a dive into a new, sexy dimension of porn?

House of Air

Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston
USA 2017, 4’

Becoming Ithaca

Menelas Siafakas & Dimitris Pagonis
Greece 2021, 6’

Il Pleut

Inka Winter
USA 2018, 11’

Action Painting Porn Action 1

Johnny Love
Austria 2018,10’


Inka Winter
USA 2020, 5’


Chorus of Body
Turkey 2021, 2’

Progressive Touch

Michael Portnoy
Austria 2020, 13’

Jen Self Joy

Andreas Friedl
Austria 2020, 6’


Matt Lambert
USA 2017, 17’

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