Jezyki PL

09/06 Thursday 19:30, sala Gerard
11/06 Saturday 10:30, sala Zbyszek
12/06 Sunday  19:30, sala Pola


Drag culture has become an inherent element of contemporary cultural landscape, but in many places around the world it still balances on the border of visibility. So, we are more than happy to invite you to the Warsaw premiere of Boylesque – a film introducing the figure of the oldest Polish drag queen, Lulla La Polaca. Lulla’s story shifts the focus of the drag discourse, reminding us that drag has existed in Poland for decades and is still doing well, despite some who would like to eradicate it. The director, Bogna Kowalczyk, was awarded at the 2022 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. While Boylesque is undoubtedly the main course, we suggest spicing it up with another dish – a short presentation of Gil Inoue and Tino Monetti’s Brazilian project. They will remind you that all the many shades of drag can be quite different and not always the most colourful.


Bogna Kowalczyk
Czech / Poland 2021, 70’

Etérea – Criolo (videoklip)

Gil Inoue & Gabriel Dietrich
Brasil 2019, 5’

Etérea – Criolo (making of)

Tino Monetti & Pedro Inoue
Brasil 2019, 9

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