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Like in Peripheries, in this section we also try to define the delicate boundaries related to both the language and themes of some postporn productions. The process of reclaiming bodily narratives – appropriated by the global mainstream of unethical, patriarchal pornography – in art began some years ago and resulted in the emergence of alternative distribution channels. One pioneer of the ethical and feminist approach was Erika Lust, who thanks to whom we are currently dealing with at least a few “large” labels operating in the postporn field: altSHIFT, Ten Thousand Faces or Four Chambers. Each of them developed its own language and aesthetics, expanding the already rich visual discourse. The programme includes, among others, Tulips – the directorial debut of the Polish artist Nat Portnoy, who began her collaboration with Lust’s iconic label with this film.


Julia Ritschel
Germany 2021, 12’
Early 20th century, conservative society and opulent costumes … this film, made for Erika Lust’s iconic label, is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s pioneering 1928 queer novel.


Nat Portnoy
Netherlands 2022, 20’
The directorial debut of the Polish
artist and performer Nat Portnoy is an exploration of the power dynamics
between the artist and her muse, set against the background of #metoo.

Straight Sex

United Kingdom 2020, 20’
In a humorous way, the altSHIFT label combines queer iconography with prejudices about heteronormative sex. Particular sexual acts do not have to be designated as heterosexual or queer, homosexual or lesbian, determined by sexuality or gender – anyone can choose any kind of sex. The film spans three decades (1970s,1980s,1990s) and their characteristic

Dance. Destroy. Create.

Thousand Faces
United Kingdom 2021, 14’
In an innovative way, the Thousand Faces
Label explores intimate narratives and experiments with mainstream trends.

The MILF next door

Sadie Lune
Spain 2019, 27’
Director and performer Sadie Lune
explores the MILF and “girl next door” stereotypes and strives to boost the
visibility of pregnant women’s sexuality – a great example of activist cinema
produced by Erika Lust.

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