Jezyki PL

08/06 Wednesday godz 22:00, sala Pola
11/06 Saturday godz 10:00, sala Pola
12/06 Sunday godz 12:30, sala Zbyszek

Drifting in between

Sexual identity is probably the most important element of self-identification: who we are and who we think we are. The right to determine this seems as obvious as the act of breathing. There are probably no people who would like to regulate breathing or the ways we breathe. Drifting in between section of the festival wanders between desires, norms, and cultural interpretations of sexual self-identification – from the moving Iranian Letter to my Mother (Amina Maher) to the uncompromisingly sincere City/Body of Desperation (Simona Kasprowicz). This is one of the must-see festival sections.

The Melita Show the Movie

Greece, 2019, 11’
Drag Queen Melita offers us the most helpful online tutorial – you can thank her later!

Wrong with You

Jaime Acker
USA 2021, 4’
Jaime Acker’s work is a free exploration of gender stereotypes, transgressively transcending their visual codes.

Queerantine Fantasy

Mahx Capacity / AORTA Films
USA 2021, 9’
Sometimes only an alternative universe can satisfy our senses. The first animation created by the queer AORTA Films.

Worlds of Desire 1: Identity

Hanna Schaich + Manuel Klein
Germany 2020, 11’
In a certain hotel room, nothing is what it seems. And when we confuse identifying clues, we can easily to fall into the trap of identity.

Genderfluid / Fluidité

Laure Giappiconi & Elisa Monteil & La Fille Renne
France 2021, 7’
Using the distinctive language of photographic film, the work talks about how our bodies and genitals not always match who we’d like to be and what we’d like to do during sex.

Sweet As Candy

Conrad Veit
Germany 2018, 3’
Who really is Candy? Artistic vision of undefinable gender.

Reach the Sky

Daniel Sterlin-Altman
Canada 2016, 6’
A funny animation with a very complicated story, in which even the concept of a car turns out to be rather fluid.


Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva & Lars Kollros
Austria 2021, 7’
A film about playing with soil, playing with shape, and playing with gender.

Miasto / Ciało desperacji

Simona Kasprowicz
Poland 2022, 6’
 A very personal confession about the social and political situation faced by trans and non-binary people.

Mes Chéris

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell / Cutenon Film
Germany 2020, 12’
A postpornographic documentary about Jamal Phoenix, a trans performer who, a month before their mastectomy, performs the role of sex worker Cheri for the last time.


Werther Germondari
Italy 2021, 1’

Letter to my Mother

Amina Maher
Germany/Iran 2019, 21
An honest and heart-breaking autobiographical film about the road to liberation, sexual abuse and discovering one’s identity.

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