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Seeking a new visual language to tell the story of sexuality is a key artistic practice that progressively shapes all bodily narratives. The films presented in this section confidently explore important themes such as consensual sex, closeness, safety, or getting to know one’s own body – however, they often do so in surprising ways, confronting our existing habits, and unearthing new techniques of interpretation.


Josefa Jensch
Germany 2021, 9’
The film visualizes the memories of touch, desire, and past orgasms – an interesting way of playing with memory and corporeality.

Between Us

Julian Giacomuzzi & Marie Tatzber & Florian Reidinger & Enia Cosic
Austria 2021, 7’
A collective impression of sexual experiences, shot on film.

Infinite Lube

Squareheart & Cornpop Bright
Greece 2022, 4’
Inspired by old science fiction movies, a sensual story about lubricant.


Jessie Mason & Angela Gower / Grindporn
United Kingdom 2021, 13’
What does “the most significant meal of the day” really mean? Deconstruction and playing with clichés, or breakfast as a visual feast with a dash of noisecore.


Lee Campbell
United Kingdom 2022, 5’
A poetic narrative exploring body acceptance and shame, as well as a film about exclusion from seemingly inclusive communities.

While I’M Still Breathing / Tandis que je respire encore

Laure Giappiconi & La Fille Renne & Elisa Monteil
France 2019, 13’
A trio of crazy artists starring in a visual tribute dedicated to femininity, erotica, and those with whom we share our intimacy. Film from the official selection of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival


Francesca Lolli
Italy 2020, 4’
In 70% of cases, hormonal therapy for breast cancer generates side effects related to one’s sexuality.

Lila Ballen

Purple Hay Bale
Tina Jung & Henrik Seidel
Germany 2018, 11’
The film is a critique of neoliberal ideas of verbal consent to sex. Tina Jung and Henrik Seidel argue that consent to sex is always a process, not a verbal agreement.


Cloe Coutel
Belgium 2018, 4’
Cloé Coutel’s charming animation is inspired by the final happy memory of a man who went to prison.

M A S K (II)

Diana Grabowska
Poland 2019, 6’
The film focuses on the phenomenon of representation and the relationship between visual presence and real absence.

Inevitable Silence

Mark Blackie
United Kingdom 2021, 11’
A world-premiere of Mark Blackie’s surreal vision of collective sexual imagination inspired by the tropes and clichés of Japanese erotica.

Extra Safe

Monika Mamzeta
Poland 2000, 5’
A somewhat forgotten work by Monika Mamzeta, the still underappreciated precursor of critical sexual discourses in Poland.

CORPS/ À Corps

Yoann Stehr
Belgium 2019, 4’
A retro-return to the hidden sexual desires of the 1970s culture.

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