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Female Virtues

Although this fascinating slogan has already become a cultural meme, let’s look at it in a slightly subversive way. And let’s answer this question: here and now, within a patriarchal system of oppression that is about to collapse, what virtues should be “dedicated” to just over half of our society? Perhaps we should know what these virtues might be, in order to avoid “female flaws”? Isn’t it exasperating to even think about this, in this day and age? Let’s look at femininity, not necessarily through the prism of outdated social duties, but rather through the lens of freedom, play, independence, and dignity. Let us reclaim the virtues of progress and modernity – films shown in this section might help us a little.

PornograHERs - The women + who make porn

Germany 2022, 8’
A mini-documentary about the history of female porn, celebrating the creativity and diversity of postpornography created by women and non-binary people…
“The answer to bad porn is not no porn, it is to make better porn!”
“Porn is a great medium for feminist practice.”

Gang Bang Barbie

Joanna Rytel
Sweden 2010, 8’
A film by Joanna Rytel, a feminist artist who unyieldingly exposes the mechanisms of power and the right to female pleasure. Seemingly humorous, Gang Bang Barbie delivers an insightful social diagnosis.


Julia Ostertag
Germany 2003, 10’
A deeply personal essay featuring erotic and intimate images and disturbing text.

Moms On Fire

Joanna Rytel
Sweden 2016, 12’
An ordinary neighbourhood in an ordinary city. Two women sit on the sofa and rub their pregnant bellies. Four days to go. The situation is as unbearable as it is inevitable. Masturbation is not an option, it’d be impossible to reach the clit; the boyfriend isn’t there, but he’s boring anyway. The only advantage of having a second child is that you no longer have to play with the first one.
Premiered at Berlinale, 2016
Teddy Award, 2016
Sweden’s Oscar nomination

Missing the Target / Fuori Target

Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli
Italy 2008, 3’
At shooting practice, a shooter cannot maintain their concentration…

Proszę, przestań / Please, stop

Anna Chabowska
Poland 2019, 6’
Documentation of a performance about sexual violence against women.

Pussy Cruising

Mass Zia Lenardic & Anja Wutej
Germany 2021, 8’
What would lesbian cruising look like? “Pussy Cruising” explores this theme with humour, taking us on a journey between fantasy and mundane reality.

Mother's Day

Julian Vero
USA 2020, 3’
In a truly sophisticated way, Mother’s Day breaks down cultural taboos about the female body.

Dancing Bodies / Les Corps Dansants

Laure Giappiconi & Elisa Monteil & La Fille Renne
France 2019, 6’
A joyful, sexual ode to sisterhood.

Venus in Glitter / VÊNUS EM GLITTER

Alexandre Medeiros & Bia Roman
Brazil 2022, 16’
The film’s protagonists, trained since childhood to fulfil certain roles and play with dolls and glitter, use this cultural baggage to finally organize a party on their own terms.

Men's Plaining

Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung
Germany / Portugal 2021, 14’
Menstruation is natural, and it’s nothing special – it’s time to stop being ashamed of it.


Rosario Veneno
Belgium 2020, 6’
A sexual game as a reflection on femininity, seem from the point of view of a doll, an object we play with.

Cnoty niewieście / Female virtues

Paulina Woźniczka
Poland 2021, 5’
A moving film that calls for freedom and the right to self-determination – an important voice of the present.

Lusterko / A mirror

Dominika Szpinda & Karolina Skrzyniarz
Poland 2022, 6’
The film is an audio-visual record of conversations about female masturbation.
In a way, each of the voices is an expression of a strong need – not just for sex education, but above all for a tender, sisterly conversations between women, be it partners, mothers, daughters, or friends.

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