Jezyki PL

10/06 Friday 22:30, sala Zbyszek
11/06 Saturday 10:30, sala Ingrid

Pleasure fetish – kink without labels

Although the broadly understood theories of sexuality have already explored and familiarized us with the concept of the fetish, it’s worth finding new ways of talking about it. Let us try to gently reinterpret the very idea of fetish as a stimulation practice and place it in new, non-obvious contexts. This will give us a chance to see that the power of the fetish lies not in how we use it, but in the fetish itself, and seems to open up new fields of pleasure. Such artistic practices are also rooted in the postporn mainstream (Four Chambers), as well as the work of leading, independent artists (Ben Berlin). Cars, gloves, furniture, masks or…refrigerators – which fetish do you choose?

Green Velvet

Ben Berlin
Germany 2017, 12’
Kinky fun by the lake. Ben Berlin shares his idea for a hot afternoon.


Viola V
Australia 2014, 4’
A short manual on how to use plastic dust sheets.

Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat

Merve Tuna
Turkey 2017, 6’
Merve Tuna uses everyday objects to explore their cultural and emotional meaning, as well as the ways in which they mediate social relationships.


Sara Moreno Calderon
Colombia 2020, 10’
Colombian cinema of alternative sexual practices that redefine the languages of mass consumption of sexuality. The key is the pleasure of everyone involved.


Werther Germondari
Italy 2021, 1’


Romy Alizée
France 2021, 3’
A fist that brings joy.

Holy Mouth

Morgana Mayer
Italy 2020, 7’
A film full of fluid, but rather imperceptible, sensuality.

Romy & Laure... and the Mystery of the Enchanted Plug / Romy & Laure... et le Mystère du Plug enchanté

Romy Alizée & Laure Giappiconi
France 2020, 12’
A film shot in the style of a photonovella. A mysterious butt plug changes the lives of the film’s protagonists into a carnival of pleasure, but only until…

M A S K (I)

Diana Grabowska
Poland 2015, 4’
One of the more interesting conceptual, contemporary artworks, which in a multi-layered way combines one of the most popular fetishes – underwear – with the head, mask, and sculpture. 

Coming Clean

Ila Afterglow
Italy 2019, 6’
A psycho-erotic musical, a multimedia stream of consciousness or a confession composed of intense and symbolic images and sounds.

Furniture Porn Project

Antoine Héraly
France / Germany 2017, 11
Let’s try to investigate a few sexual behaviours by complementing them with… furniture


Four Chambers
United Kingdom 2020, 16’
A post-pornographic interpretation of JG Ballard’s 1973 test. The car as a sexual fetish touching upon social status, freedom, and death. A compelling vision of the Four Chambers collective.

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