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10/06 friday 19:30, sala Gerard
11/06 saturday 22:30, sala Zbyszek
12/06 sunday 10:30, sala Zbyszek

The Extremes of Pleasure (BDSM)

t seems that pain and pleasure should lie at opposite ends of the emotional scale, and yet – like the most subversive bodily practices – they are much closer than they might seem. Like shibari, BDSM practices have become an essential part of sexual pop culture and have been largely – if limited to repetitive rituals – appropriated by the mainstream. We are more than happy to introduce artists working in areas of BDSM culture, that develop both its visual codes and enrich the resulting fields of interpretation with further meanings. Among the films shown in this section, you’ll be able to see high-budget art-gallery strategies (e.g., Roberta Eagle’s OINK!, originally screened as a three-channel), as well as films from the Brazilian “Kill porn stars” label, whose productions are often based on radical honesty and lack of budget. You’ll see everything that an independent BDSM culture lately has to say and offer. Although it’s not yet a full, latex outfit – it’s enough to start with the fun.

As You Wish My Lady

Jo Pollux & Sadie Lune
Germany 2018, 5’
A visually fascinating narrative transporting us into the realm of dark desires.


Max Disgrace
Germany / United Kingdom 2021, 15’
Skilfully toying with mainstream horror clichés, the film enters the field of disturbing pleasures underpinned with fear and apparent violence.
Best Short Film at Porn Film Festival Berlin in 2021.

The Flesh's Hunger / A Fome da Carne

Marcelo D’Avilla & Marcelo Denny
Brazil 2018, 4’
The celebration of corporeality in separation from modern conservative culture can be a real aesthetic woozy. The film has been recognized and awarded all over the world.


Rob Eagle
United Kingdom 2020, 21’
Dr Robert Eagle’s project explores on pleasure and pop culture sexual fantasies, while using a new visual language to describe experiences of identity, belonging, community, and intimacy.

Pornoblock Jugueteo

Faiska Meloso & Pequeno Marginal & Paulx
Brazil 2019, 8’
The Brazilian collective EDIYporn, often contesting mainstream and exclusionary pornography strategies, in another festival production: an innovative, underground deconstruction of pet play.


Morgana Mayer
Italy 2021, 1’
Tense anticipation.


Noa Magulis
Netherlands 2021, 3’
Noa Magulis: “I was given a lily and I wanted to pee on it. Being weird can be exciting, flowers can be asexual, and fruits can be dominated.”

We're Going Down

Alexandre Medeiros
Brazil 2021, 7’
Borderline experiences as the arena of experiencing extreme pleasure.

Flower Market

My Baby all Gone
United Kingdom 2021, 3’
Flowers as the source of suffering and pleasure.

Safeword: 8

France 2020, 17’
A video-instruction on how to respect the boundaries of others and how to overcome fear.

Hole Theory

Mahx Capacity
USA 2020, 12’
A crazy ride through physics, sexuality, and sensuality. One of the most interesting, multiple award-winning queer productions of Aorta Films.


abcde Flash
Switzerland 2022, 6’
A film focusing on menstrual issues – an important voice regarding the cultural taboo that limits the visibility of physiological aspects of gender.

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