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07/06 Tuesday 20:30, sala Zbyszek i Ingrid
10/06 Friday 12:00, sala Pola
12/06 Sunday 17:00, sala Gerard

El Triunfo de Sodoma / The Triumph of Sodomy

It is not a coincidence that The Triumph of Sodom opens PPFFW – revolutionary in both form and content, it’s a great example of painfully real, post-pornographic social cinema. The film deliberately employs the language of the culturally marginalized and an awareness of its technical and formal conditions – only cinema born from the culture of the margins can speak about it in a meaningful and honest way. In this post-pornographic narrative that expands the boundaries of the documentary to the extent that it becomes a reprogrammed fiction, there is no room for compromise. This film is not intended to please the privileged or pretend to use their language. It is rather a collective vision of artistic freedom born of the desire for revenge, a path leading to the overthrow of patriarchal morality, and a call for the final release of sexuality from binary traps: The Triumph of Sodom is also The Triumph of Love.

The Triumph of Sodomy / El Triunfo de Sodoma

Goyo Anchou
Argentina 2020, 82’

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